Avguste Antonov
Concert Pianist

Avguste Antonov gave an exciting performance of the little known Piano Concerto No. 2 by Jacob Weinberg.

Don Appert, Director-Jewish Community Orchestra Portland

Our First & Calvary concert series began the season with a wonderful performance by Avguste Antonov!

Sheila Grisham Pippin

The recital of solo piano music – all by living American composers – was convincingly executed and thoroughly engaging.

Mark Dorn,Professor, Colorado Christian University

The recital was conducted in an engaging manner, with instructive and entertaining comments by Mr. Antonov about the pieces and their composers. 

Christelle Menth,Professor,Colorado Christian University

Avguste Antonov performed a delightful piano concert at the Broomfield Auditorium on Friday, January 22. The concert featured music by living American composers such as Robert Rollin, Matthew Saunders and William Bolcom. A special treat was the talk by one of the composers, Carter Pann, who was in attendance.

Karen Gerrity, Broomfield-Colorado, Cultural Affairs Manager

Carter Pann, CU Boulder professor and composer, said it best when he referred to Avguste Antonov as fearless on the piano. He might have made it fearless and flamboyant because Antonov was both

Melanie Mulhall,Broomfield-Colorado,Cultural Council Member

Mr. Antonov gave an inspired program of living American composers for our staff and students last evening. We enjoyed every piece played but especially the "rags".

Kirk Overmoe, Piano Instructor, Trinity Community College

Avguste Antonov is a uniquely gifted pianist, whose penchant for playing entertaining new music makes him both an invaluable friend to the living composer and a warm engaging entertainer for any audience.

Bill Brusick, Minister of Music, Trinity Lutheran Church

You played beautifully and spoke just perfectly with our students! You were personal, charming and enlightening with our students.

Karen Parsons, Professor of Piano, Tarrant Community College

You were wonderful, especially the “Rags” by Hutter. That was the highlight for me and the audience. Everyone commented how much they enjoyed the evening.

Jerome Barry, Director/Founder, The Embassy Series

Avguste Antonov recently performed Carter Pann’s Concerto Logic for Piano and & Wind Symphony with the San Jose State University Wind Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Edward C. Harris.

As an advocate for new music, Avguste continues to discover new and interesting repertoire that is a challenge for him and delight for the audience to see and hear. While the music is angular in composition, Avguste understands what the composer wants and how to put the four different movement styles together to make for a very impressive recital.

As with the other two performances that I have witnessed by Avguste, he plays with great power and yet sensitivity where it is needed and his performance was flawless.

Jan Turnage, Executive Director, San Jose Wind Symphony
Avguste Antonov performed an exciting and varied program of contemporary American piano music Read More...
Doreen Maronde, Ruel Joyce Recital Series Director
Avguste is an easy guest artist. He arrived well-prepared, played brilliantly, and musically Read More...
Leon Burke, Conductor
It was a great privilege to present Mr. Avguste Antonov on the Heritage at Lowman concert series. Read More...
Jim Johnson, Heritage at Lowman Concert Series
Thoroughly enjoyed your performance of the Piano Trio No.1 Read More...
Bill Shambaugh, Chair - Evenings At The Bernsen
I really enjoyed your performance of Rhapsody in Blue Read More...
David A Brown President, San Jose Metro Band Board
Mr. Antonov’s playing was wonderful
Joachim Reinhuber, Concert Pianist, Texas AM-Kingsville
It was really a pleasure to listen to.
Natasha Korsakova, Concert Violinist
The different articulations in movements were meticulous and exciting. Read More...
Jan Turnage, San Jose Wind Symphony Executive Director
You are a strong advocate for new music, both in your performance and in your teaching, which we were able to experience in your masterclass with our undergraduate students Read More...
Matthew C. Saunders, Composer
You have a special flair for nuanced performance as we found out during your visit for 4 concerts Read More...
Robert Rollin - Composer, Youngstown State University
I’m excited to see Antonov really championing and performing works from American composers
Christopher Greco, Composer, Benedictine College
Thanks for your appearance at Heidelberg this weekend. It was a pleasure to meet you.
John E. Owen, School of Music Heidelberg University
Your playing is superb, your love for contemporary music and your linking with various composers also. Read More...
Nikolas Sideris-composer
Your piano style is magnificent. I find your piano technique and performance level breath taking and phenomenal.
Aaron A Kaplan, Composer
Everybody I spoke to after the concert raved about your performance. Congratulations and thank you!
Merton Shatzkin, Music Director
Avguste Antonov is an accomplished and a multi-faceted pianist with brilliant technique, passion and expression. Read More...
Hrachya Harutyunian, Violin Soloist, Professor
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