Avguste Antonov
Concert Pianist

Friends, faculty, and students of Colorado Christian University enjoyed a 2-day residency with guest pianist Avguste Antonov on January 24-25, 2016. On Sunday, January 24, Mr. Antonov presented a recital of piano music written by living American composers, which is a particular interest of his. The recital was conducted in an engaging manner, with instructive and entertaining comments by Mr. Antonov about the pieces and their composers, including anecdotes about meeting the composers and the circumstances which led to the composition and, in some cases, commissions of these works. The recital had great variety, and his playing demonstrated complete command of the instrument, with clarity of voicing, dynamic depth, and technical proficiency.

On Monday, January 25, Mr. Antonov spoke to the university students about creating a career in music performance. He described some of the successes and challenges of his personal experiences as he challenged students to think about how to market oneself in a world filled with budding musicians. He gave specific guidelines for students about creating websites, putting together publicity information and photographs, and making connections for future employment.

Avguste Antonov was inspiring as a performer, passionate about his interest in American living composers, engaging as a communicator, and extremely easy to work with and get to know. Students and faculty made a new friend while enjoying exposure to music not often heard in traditional piano recitals.

Christelle Menth,Professor,Colorado Christian University
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