Avguste Antonov
Concert Pianist

Beginning a Musical Career (30 to 120 minutes)

For professionals-to-be or musicians in the early stages of their careers. It mentions some requirements for a great start in the market, specially the classical music one. The content includes ethics and professional etiquette, ideology for the success, how to make promo material (photo, recording, bio), organizing the first performances, and making a living as a classical soloist even in a third-world country.

Career Planning for Musicians – Lecture (30 to 120 min) or Course (4 hours).

For musicians in the early stages of their careers. Let’s talk about how to create a map to guide and manage one’s career, focusing on goals, strategies, timetables and managing skills. On the course it will be possible to elaborate a career planning as an example.

Teaching & Technology (60 minutes)

Technology is becoming an important part of all levels and in all subjects. The lecture will cover social networks, tablet applications and other tools which can help enhance the lessons offered.

Posted: Mar-12-2016
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