Avguste Antonov
Concert Pianist
An American Journey
Label: Hartshorn Classical
Released: October 1, 2014

"Antonov has a rich sonorous tone, a profound sense of legato and a sure technique. His playing is rhythmically aggressive and he has no difficulty in expressing the dramatic as well as the lyrical. It is refreshing to come upon serious contemporary music that is about something: about the same something that music lovers search for and find in Beethoven and Bach, as well as more modest or even obscure composers; something that needs no prefatory explanation, and rises far above bald entertainment, novelty, money, or self-admiration. " Raymond Beegle, Fanfare Magazine

"All of these pieces, expertly and cleanly executed by Avguste Antonov, are worth hearing, but the final three of them make the strongest impression" David DeBoor Canfield, Fanfare Magazine

As the ideas for this project unfolded, it became apparent that this undertaking would be something special indeed. Seasoned recitalist and teacher Avguste Antonov, having chosen to focus his solo career on American living composers, has performed World and USA premieres throughout North America. Over the years, he has worked with many great composers, including Robert Rollin, William Vollinger, Carter Pann, Raina Mumak, Matthew Lewis, Till Meyn, and Matthew Saunders.

Mr. Antonov's understanding of this special literature and the unique character of each work is the crown jewel of this collaboration. His focused work with each composer has proven most insightful.



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